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Digital And Print Design Specialists

Web Hosting
One Man Business Package ------- R 100.00
Small Business Package ---------- R 250.00
Business Package ----------------- R 400.00
Corporate Business Package ------ R 600.00

Web Site Design
Each site Quoted individually ----- N/A

Print Advert Design

A4 Advert -------------------------- R 1500.00             
A4 Half Page ----------------------- R 750.00
A4 Quarter Page ------------------- R 400.00
A4 Double Page Spread ----------- R 2500.00
A4 Half Double Page Spread ------ R 1200.00     
A4 Quarter Double page Spread -- R 700.00

Brochure Design
A4 Per Side ------------------------ R 1200.00
A5 Per Side ------------------------ R 550.00

Poster Design
A1, A3, A2 Posters ----------------- R 3000.00

Presentation Folder -------------- R 2200.00

Web Banner
Static ------------------------------- R 400.00
Animated Gif or Flash -------------- R 600.00

Corporate Logo Design
---------- R 1900.00

Newsletter Design --------------- R 450.00
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Corporate Webhosting

Our shared web hosting services offer the latest SmarterMail Enterprise Mail Servers, daily backups, 24/7 monitoring, monthly security patching and up to 99% availability.

All web hosting packages include Unlimited bandwidth and ample storage space, helping to ensure that you never have to pay for overages again

Website Design

We design websites that are functional and portrays the image of you business in a visually appealing yet user friendly fashion.

We follow W3C standards for all our websites. Technologies include Html, Html5, php, CSS3 and Java. We test websites for browser compatibility. All web graphics are also rendered for optimal load speed on your website.

Print & Digital Design

We are in the print and media industry for 39 years. We have 9 publications in our stable the oldest one in print for 39 years.

We have designed ads, and design materials for our advertising clients for all these years. We know advertising and what adverts need to communicate in order to be successful.

You can expect work of the highest standards, because that is what we expect from ourselves.

Corporate Logo Design

We will research your industry with your help, and determine the route we should take with the design of your logo. You are assured that the end result will be a fresh, modern and an outstanding logo design.

You and your business approach are   professional, so why neglect to have a professional business logo. It is a mistake to invest a lot of money in all aspect of your business and neglect The first contact clients will have with your business - your logo.

Newsletter Design

Newsletters are fast becoming the common platform to keep clients in the loop with events and offers from your your business.

Designing newsletters that will render correctly in all mail clients is not for the feint hearted. 

Image only newsletters don't work, statistically 40% of your mails will just be deleted. 

We have our own newsletter campaigns and we know how to get it right every time.
Malnor Creative is a division of Malnor (pty)Ltd. For 39 years all adverts, brochures and overall media design was done in-house for our clients advertising in our business to business publications.

We decided that it was time to grow our portfolio and share this expertise with the rest of the world.

MalnorCreative was established as a brand within the Malnor stable. We are proud of our accomplishments and we are eager to share our expertise with you.

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Malnor Creative News

New Web Design Project Launched

Pukani Events approached us to design a black themed website and their corporate logo.

The Malnor Creative team jumped into the project and came up with an elegant, simple and striking website that is super functional and looks absolutely fantastic.

We are proud to present our latest project - Pukani Investments.

Latest Web Design Project 

Dynamic Fuel Consultants contacted us to create a small website for their company.

We jumped to the task and are proud to present their website as our latest design project.

We will also manage their website for them with new content and upgrades.