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Who we are and why it matters

It Matter because who we are is what will make your projects a success

39 year of professionalism kept us at the top of the game

MalnorCreative is an established devision in Malnor (pty)Ltd portfolio.

Malnor is the publisher of 9 business to business publications namely:

Wood and Timber Times ------------------ Established in 1975
Government Digest ----------------------- Established in 1981
South African Builder --------------------- Established in 1923
Commercial and industrial Property News -- Established in 2004
Export and Import South Africa ----------- Established in 2001
Shopping & Retail ------------------------ Established 2013
Education South Africa ------------------- Established in 2006
Project and Construction Management ---- Established in 2012
ECD - Early Childhood Development ------- Established in 2014

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