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Corporate Logo Design

Don't sell your business short by having a logo that looks amateurish.

Current Logo Trends

Avoid current trends like the plague. The reason is simple, your business is not a trend, it is an institution that will outlast time, like Coca Cola. They go through the trends but their logo remains the same. If you attach your logo to current trends it means you will become outdated when the trend is over, and surely you do not want to recreate your logo every two years. Let a professional design your logo and it will have a much greater lifespan.

Stock-art and Logo design

You want to be unique, you want your business to stand out in the crowd - Then stay away from designers using stock artwork or images from the internet. Every concept in your logo should be unique and designed from scratch. Be careful of remakes, they will dilute your brand.

Logo Concepts That should always be present

1. Make Sure your logo is unique and professional and is not a copy of another logo.
2. See that you will be able to reproduce your logo on different platforms and dimensions whilst keeping it crisp ( no raster images)
3. Ensure your logo will look just as great in monotone as in full colour. Inevitable your logo will go on a platform with only a single colour or just black and white (faxes, email printing to a black only printer etc.)
4. Logos should stand out but not be complex in design. Meaning it shouldn't contain 500 lines drawn in a fan shape. As the image gets   smaller the image will lose definition and become a black smudge.
5. At most two fonts. Steer clear of logo's with multiple fonts, it just looks tacky.
6. Font style in very important, a lawyers logo cannot be in a 'comic' font. The two just don't work together.
7. Make sure your logo will work on a letterhead as well as a huge banner. Sometimes the logo looks great on a banner but loses its identity when it is scaled down to fit on a letterhead.
Saving money by making a quick homemade logo done in Microsoft word or a free logo design softwar
Having a friend that has a drawing software but is not in the industry design it as a favor
Some design websites for free logo design or design competition websites filled with amateurs
Websites that offer Logo design for really cheap might just be a part time hobbyist that wants to make extra cash
Brochure printers are probably not the best places to find professional logo designers
Print quality of your logo on different size platforms can become an issue if you only have a jpg file of your logo.
It is imperative that your logo represents your brand offering clearly, whether your logo is abstract, industry image or just the company name. All of these design concepts carry weight in their own right and one is not better than the other. It is mostly a matter of industry, design specifics and personal preference.

We will research your industry with your help, and determine the route we should take with the design of your logo. You are assured that the end result will be a fresh, modern and an outstanding logo design.

Things to Know about Corporate Logo Design

You are professional, your business is professional, so why neglect to have a professional business image. It is a mistake to invest a lot of money in all aspect of your business and neglect your business image.

Your Logo represents your corporate image as much as you do when you are in front of a client. Some mistakes business owners make when it comes to their logo design are: