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Design concepts for your Marketing Material:

With 39 Years experience in the advert design industry and 9 publications in our stable

You know, we know how to do it right

Web Banner Design

Print Advert Design

Brochure Design

Poster Design

Presentation Folder Design


Digital And Print Design


We know print advertising design

The Malnor Creative team has been designing ads for the 9 publication in the Malnormags stable for over 39 years.

We will design all your print ads at reasonable rates with the professionalism you deserve. You can expect work of the highest standards, because that is what we expect from ourselves.

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Brochures or flyers are a media class on its own.

These are used for many purposes. For instance you might want to hand some out at trade shows or as postage drops. Each audience where your brochure or flyer will be distributed is different and it should be directed at that market sector you are targeting.

It is vitally important that your pamphlet catches and holds the attention of the reader.

Brochures and flyers are dynamic ads that need to grab the reader fast before they drop it on the table or worse in the dustbin. If you do not have well designed media that the reader will want to look at, you have lost half your power.

At MalnorCreative we understand marketing. We have been in this industry for over 30 years. Let us help you design pamphlets that will not be a waste of your valuable time and money.

Presentation Folders - Long Lasting Media Platforms

These clever aids should not be underestimated. We all use  these folders over and over again.

I still have the folder from the last representative that came to see me. Every day I look at this folder and so do the people that come into my office. This powerful toll should not be underestimated.

The key to a folder is to have the design speak without shouting it into the dustbin. Folders are a powerful branding tool. And its voice is heard long after it has been left at a client.

They are also fantastic tools to group together your pamphlets, letterheads and business cards to hand out at trade shows. The folder speaks for your company when you are not there to represent the company anymore.

For this reason, careful thought should be put into the design of folders. It must convey a very specific message, and it must have all the ingredients to be a useful product to your customers.

Put the Malnor creative team to work to brainstorm and design the perfect folder for your brand.

Web Banners - Increasing your brand presence.

The internet is fast becoming the information highway of choice.

Web Banners are a great way for you to spread your brand in this incredibly fast growing platform.
1. It links people to your website where they can find out all the information about you.
2. The link back to your website increases your search engine ranking and pushes you up in the list.

We can design static and animated banners for you to use across the world wide web. 

Malnor Creative will create a banner for you that will stand out, grab the readers attention and prompt them to click through to your website.

The below Rates Include the following:

Initial design + 5 changes
Full colour, black and White or Sepia tones
Print Ready high res formats - pdf, tiff, jpeg, png
Item 4
Print Advert Design
A4 Advert
-------------------------- R 1500.00
A4 Half Page ----------------------- R 750.00
A4 Quarter Page
------------------- R 400.00

A4 Double Page Spread
----------- R 2500.00
A4 Half Double Page Spread
------ R 1300.00
A4 Quarter Double page Spread
-- R 700.00

Brochure Design
A4 Per Side
------------------------ R 1500.00

A5 Per Side ------------------------ R 750.00

Poster Design
A1, A3, A2 Posters
---------------- R 3000.00

Presentation Folder
Outside Design
-------------------- R 2500.00
Inside Design
---------------------  R 2500.00

Web Banner
------------------------------ R 400.00

Animated Gif or Flash ------------- R 600.00
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